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Heart & Vascular Center of Arizona now offers Telemedicine Appointments so that you can meet with your provider from the comfort and safety of your home.

What is a Telemedicine Appointment?
A Telemedicine Appointment is a virtual visit with your medical provider that you do using your smart phone, tablet of computer. If you have this and a reliable wireless internet connection, you can have a Telemedicine Appointment.

How Does It Work?
Using your smartphone, tablet of computer your Telemedicine Appointment will require access to your device speakers and camera so that the provider can see and speak to you.

If you have the technology discussed above, your Heart & Vascular scheduler will provide you with a link via your device for your provider appointment. This link will allow you access to the “virtual waiting room.” Once you have checked-in to the virtual waiting room your provider is alerted to your arrival and will join you to begin your virtual Telemedicine Appointment. Once they join, you can both see and speak to each other by video.

How do I make a Telemedicine Appointment?
Call us at 602-307-0070 and ask if a Telemedicine Appointment is an option for you. Some appointments may not quality for a Telemedicine Appointment, as they require a physical examination or in-person testing.

To make a Telemedicine Appointment call us at 602-307-0070.